Real Estate Glossary

Our glossary is the largest dictionary of real estate and construction terms on the Internet with almost 10,000 definitions.
Va - Var - Vi
Rapid back and forth movement.
Vicarious Liability
The responsibility of one person for the acts of another.
Victorian Style
Architectural style of the mid-19th Century.
  1. How something is looked at or an opinion.
  2. What something looks like at a distance.
  3. An attractive panorama visible from a piece of property.
  4. A drawing in a set of building plans depicting a structure viewed from a specific angle.
A plastic formed from ethylene. Used to make a wide variety of building materials including pipes and siding.
Vinyl-clad Windows
Wooden windows which are covered, on the outside, in vinyl.
Vinyl Dual Drip Cap
Flashing used over windows and doors during vinyl siding installation.
Vinyl Finishing Trim
Flashing used under windows during vinyl siding installation.
Vinyl Flooring
A relatively inexpensive flooring product made from polyvinyl chloride and sold in large sheets or small tiles.
Vinyl Siding
Durable, low maintenance type of exterior siding. Vinyl siding is available in a number of colors and does not require painting.
An act or condition contrary to the permitted use of a property.
Virgin Growth
A naturally occurring area of forest with the original growth of trees intact.
Virgin Soil
Undisturbed earth.
A liquid's resistance to flow. The thickness of a liquid. A high viscosity indicates a thick liquid.
A mechanism, often mounted on a workbench, that has adjustable jaws used to hold materials in place while work is underway.
A brand name for a type of locking pliers.
A particular brand of polyethylene sheet used, in a crawl space, to cover the ground.
Visual Right
Occupant's right to see out of a window without being hindered.
Relating to or involving glass.
Clay that has been glazed and fired for use as clay pipe.
Vitrified Clay Pipe
Pipe made from fired clay, once used for underground drainage. Now largely replaced by PVC pipe.
  1. The cancellation of a legal contract with no consequences on either party.
  2. Canceling a check or something that is written.
  3. Having no legal standing in a matter.
  4. The absence of matter.
Voidable Contract
A contract that may be rejected by either of the parties.
Subject to rapid and/or unexpected change.
Volatile Market
Sudden and unpredictable short term price movements in real estate.
Unit used to measure electrical force between two points in a circuit. U.S. and Canada usually operate at 120 volts.
Pressure behind the flow of electricity.
Voltage Drop
The loss of voltage in a circuit caused by resistance.
Voltage Regulator
A device used to control the voltage in a circuit.
A device used to measure voltage, used to test batteries and electrical outlets.
  1. Cubic capacity of a three dimensional object.
  2. Intensity of sound.
Voluntary Alienation
The conveyance of title between two parties or businesses by use of a deed.
Voluntary Bankruptcy
The declaration of bankruptcy by an insolvent person or business.
Voluntary Lien
Lien that a homeowner gives, willingly, to a lender, such as a mortgage.
see Variable Rate Mortgage.
A heating process used to improve the elasticity of rubber.

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