Real Estate Glossary

Our glossary is the largest dictionary of real estate and construction terms on the Internet with almost 10,000 definitions.
Ta - Tar - Te - Ter - Th - Ti - To - Tr - Tre - Tu
Building in such poor condition that it cannot be repaired and must be completely rebuilt.
Teardrop Texture
Sprayed on finish that is allowed to dry with a pebbly finish.
Teaser Rate
An enticingly attractive initial rate below the market offered in an adjustable rate mortgage. In general, the interest rate reverts to the fully indexed rate at the first adjustment date.
A plumbing fitting in the shape of the letter "T," used to connect three sections of pipe.
Telepower Pole
A pole installed in offices to bring electrical power to areas that are not adjacent to a wall. The pole runs from floor to ceiling, with wiring connecting to the power at the top.
Telescoping Gauge
A T-shaped device used to measure the diameter of a hole. The device is inserted into the hole and expanded until it reaches the edges. This distance is then measured.
  1. To strengthen a metal through heating.
  2. To add water to mortar to improve its consistency.
Egg-yolk based paint.
Tempered Glass
Glass that is strengthened by being heated almost to the melting point.
A guide or pattern used in drawing or manufacturing.
Temporary Bracing
Various forms of bracing used to provide support to structures during construction.
The right of possession of real estate whether by ownership or rental. The period for which a tenant has the right of possession.
Tenancy at Sufferance
Tenancy established when a person who had been a lawful tenant wrongfully remains in possession of property after expiration of a lease.
Tenancy at Will
A license to use or occupy lands and buildings at the will of the owner. The tenant may decide to leave the property at any time or must leave at the landlord's will. Agreement may be written or oral.
Tenancy by the Entirety
Ownership by a husband and wife where they hold title together and where the surviving spouse becomes the owner of the entire property.
Tenancy for Life
A freehold equity in an estate, restricted to the duration of the life of the grantee or other stipulated individual.
Tenancy for Years
Created by a lease for a fixed term.
Tenancy from Year to Year
Possession and use of a property estate by virtue of a lease. There are four types of leasehold estates: estate for years, periodic tenancy, tenancy at will, and tenant at sufferance.
Tenancy in Common
Ownership of realty by two or more persons, each of whom has an undivided interest, without the right of survivorship. Upon the death of one of the owners, the ownership share of the decedent is inherited by the party or parties designated in the decedent's will.
Tenancy in Severalty
Ownership of property by one person or on legal entity (corporate ownership).
Individual or corporation renting a residential or office unit.
Tenant Changes
Changes made by a lessee to property during the term of the lease.
Tenant Fixtures
Fixtures added to leased real estate by a lessee that, by contract or by law, may be removed by the lessee upon expiration of the lease.
Tenant Improvements
Changes, typically to office, retail or industrial property, to accommodate specific needs of a tenant. Include moving interior walls or partitions, carpeting or other floor covering, shelves, windows, toilets, etc. The cost is negotiated in the lease.
Tenants' Union
Group of rental occupants acting together.
To present something of value for another's acceptance. An offer to perform an obligation, together with actual performance or evidence of present ability to perform. To pay or deliver. To perform under a contract.
In law, possession that are permanent and fixed; structures attached to land or a building. Alternately, city apartment building that is over-crowded, poorly constructed or maintained, and generally part of a slum.
A projection on a beam or other member that fits into a mortise in another member to forma mortise and tenon joint.
Tenon Saw
A manual saw used to cut out a tenon on a beam or other member.
Tensile Strength
A material's ability to resist stretching without breaking or permanent damage.
Tensile Stress
Stress pulling on a material or structure.
A gauge used to measure the tension on a wire fence during installation.
The length of time or condition under which something, such as a piece of property, is held. The nature of an occupant's ownership rights; an indication of whether one is an owner or a tenant.
Tenure in Land
The length of time or condition under which something, such as a piece of property, is held. Classification of one's ownership rights in land. One may either buy the land and own all rights to it or lease it where one's rights are described in and limited by the lease agreement.
Tenure Property
The right and duties of using and holding property.

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